West Coast Water Justice

Clean Water for California

February 28, 2023
West Coast Water Justice
Clean Water for California
Show Notes

In this episode, we interview Laurel Firestone, a member of the State Water Resources Control Board. We learn about the organization and its work to ensure that every person in the state has a right to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water.  We discuss how far we still have to go to meet California's Human Right to Water.

Governor Gavin Newsom appointed Laurel Firestone to the State Water Resources Control Board in February 2019. Prior to joining the Board, Laurel co-founded and co-directed, from 2006-2019, the Community Water Center, a statewide non-profit environmental justice organization based in California’s Central Valley and Central Coast. Her career has focused on building increased diversity, equity, and inclusivity into water decision-making.

The views and opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Save California Salmon or any entities mentioned. 

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State Water Resources Control Board Phone Contacts:

  • Office of Public Affairs: (916) 341-5254
  • Office of Legislative Affairs: (916) 341-5251
  • Office of the Ombudsman: (916) 341-5925
  • Drinking Water information: (916) 449-5577
  • Water Quality information: (916) 341-5455
  • Water Rights information: (916) 341-5300
  • Financial Assistance information: (916) 341-5700

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